Yahoo Mail Picks Up Dropio For Big Attachments

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Only when the user clicks on the "Attach Large Files" option will they be brought to a page allowing them to select files from their computer. The Dropio application isn't available through Yahoo Mail's e-mail composition form. Once they choose all those files, they can then upload them and compose an e-mail message. The message contains a note at the bottom saying the attachment technology is "powered by Dropio."

Social-storage service Dropio on Thursday announced a partnership with Yahoo Mail to deliver a default application for the e-mail program's users. Dubbed Attach Large Files, Dropio's application will allow Yahoo Mail users to send attachments up to 100 MB in size.

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It hopes that the Yahoo Mail feature will be used as a proof of concept for other developers to find unique ways to use its API. Dropio was quick to point out that the app it created for Yahoo was based on its open application-programming interface.

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By effectively quadrupling that figure through Dropio's app, Yahoo Mail has another compelling feature to communicate to users. Incorporating the Dropio technology marks an improvement for Yahoo. Currently, users of Google's Yahoo Mail rival, Gmail, can attach up to 25MB to their messages.

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When they click on Dropio's application, they can immediately start sending large files through their e-mail accounts. When Yahoo Mail users log on to their accounts, they will now see Dropio's Attach Large Files listing included in the Applications drop-down box, which also features apps from Evite, Flickr, and PayPal, among others.

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