The Mysterious Hacker Claiming To Be Responsible For The Optus Data Breach Has Suddenly Apologised For The Cyber-attack - As Customers Receive Threatening Text Messages Demanding They Pay 2000 To Have Their Details Erased

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Verizon Wireless offers unlimited talk, data and text to customers in more than 20 Florida counties affected by Hurricane Ian

Verizon Wireless is offering unlimited talk, data and text to customers in more than 20 Florida counties affected by Hurricane Ian.

This year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to three scientists for their development of 'click' chemistry, which involves snapping together small molecules to form larger and more complex ones.

'Well, look, I think most customers understand that we are not the villains and that we have not done anything deliberate to put any of our customers at risk,' she pleaded on ABC Radio's AM program on Tuesday.


Moment brand new McLaren is swept down the down street by flood waters from Hurricane Ian

This is the moment a brand new McLaren P1 worth over $1million is swept down the street by flood waters as catastrophic Ian continues to pummel Florida.

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Never use a generator inside an enclosed space, such as a house or garage. 'Gasoline or other flammable liquids spilled on hot engine parts could ignite,' according to FEMA. Before refueling the generator, turn it off and let it cool down. Keep the generator outside, at least 20 feet away from any doors or windows, the NWS said. It's also a good idea to have a battery-powered carbon monoxide detector, as carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless
If you feel sick or dizzy, find fresh air and get medical attention, NHC said.

The criticism was echoed by Services Minister Bill Shorten who said his department had written to Optus on 27 September asking for details on all those whose had Medicare numbers or other Centrelink information stolen, but as yet had no reply.

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Hurricane Ian is moving across Florida and is set to reach Atlantic today

Hurricane Ian, one of the strongest to ever hit the US, diminished significantly in force after nightfall and was downgraded to a tropical storm in the early hours of Thursday morning with sustained winds of 65mph.

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Bertozzi and Sharpless are both from the US, and are affiliated with the California institutions Stanford University and Scripps Research respectively, while Danish scientist Meldal works at the University of Copenhagen.

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'This is the real challenge for investigators right now, they want to find this person, because this person is perpetrating extortion against an international company, and is in possession of a huge amount of personal data,' he said.

However, last week's massive security breach that saw hackers steal the sensitive personal data of 10 million Optus customers and the telco's widely condemned response, has brought Ms Romarin crashing back to Earth and may cost her job.

'We continue to closely monitor weather conditions as we assess the impact of Hurricane Ian on our property. While theme parks and many operating areas remain closed to guests today, we anticipate weather conditions to improve this evening.

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As the government prepares to introduce new cybersecurity measures, Mr Albanese said the new protections would mean banks and other institutions would be informed much faster when a breach happened so personal data could not be used.

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