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'Typically, we think of Heinz Ketchup, Colgate toothpaste and Shredded Wheat as staples. But in today's world, consumer staples include the likes of Google, mobile phone contracts, broadband and possibly Amazon Prime.' 

What a $400 single ticket and $480 family pass gets you at... NRL bad boy Adam Elliott cries tears of joy as his... Footy fan finds Hollywood omen that points to a Parramatta... Footy legend Johnathan Thurston suffers an embarrassing fail...

What a $400 single ticket and $480 family pass gets you at... Footy legend Johnathan Thurston suffers an embarrassing fail... Footy fan finds Hollywood omen that points to a Parramatta... NRL bad boy Adam Elliott cries tears of joy as his...

Over the past year, it has generated an overall loss of 0.3 per cent and over the past five years produced a return of nearly 50 per cent.
Reassuringly for investors, it continues to deliver a growing dividend through thick and thin.

Adrian Lowery, of wealth manager Evelyn Partners, says: 'Income provides investors with a comfort blanket when the value of their shares is going nowhere, or even falling.' Funds worth looking at, he says, include Guinness Global Equity Income and Temple Bar.

The deal is set to be completed in six months, with staff told their jobs are only guaranteed up to that point but 'no layoffs are planned' at the social media platform, which is highly influential among media circles despite having a smaller user base than Facebook.

With the right nurturing and stewardship, that impact will only grow,' he said. 'I hope and expect that Twitter's best days are still ahead of it.
Twitter is one of the most important, unique and impactful products in the world.

For example, website would link to the 'BankA' section of the 'security' Web site. Often, it's difficult to tell if the link is legitimate just by looking at it. By mousing over the link you can see the real address on the bottom of most Web browsers. Inspect the hyperlinks inside the body of the e-mail. Phishers typically will use subdomains or letters or numbers before the company name, and sometimes the words in the links are misspelled.

'While I'm disappointed, I take solace in a few things: I am INSANELY proud of what our collective team achieved over the last few years, and my own contribution to this journey,' Beykpour wrote in a Twitter thread on Thursday.

Many phishing attempts originate from outside the U.S. so they often have misspellings and grammatical errors. Some have an urgent tone and they seek sensitive information that legitimate companies don't typically ask for via e-mail.

Coombs says his 'resilience' investment portfolio would include shares in Apple, Alphabet, London Stock Exchange (LSE), data specialist Equinix, wholesaler Costco, medical device companies Thermo Fisher and Dexcom, and pharmaceutical giants such as Roche.

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Investment funds that try to beat inflation  Shore's Ben Yearsley says another good way for investors to build resilience into their portfolios is having exposure to investment funds that seek to protect the 'real' value of investors' capital over the medium term.

The link directs visitors to a fake IRS site that prompts for personal and financial information. E-mails that look like they come from the IRS tell recipients that they are eligible to receive a tax refund and that the money could be claimed by clicking on a link in the e-mail.

He said if people wanted to censer free speech further they 'will ask government to pass laws to that effect' but added he will not go beyond the law because it would be 'contrary to the will of the people'.

'The truth is that this isn't how and when I imagined leaving Twitter, and this wasn't my decision. [CEO] Parag [Agrawal] asked me to leave after letting me know that he wants to take the team in a different direction,' Beykpour said.

The Tesla founder said he wanted to re-establish the principle of free speech on the platform and has joined criticism of its moderation policies which are accused of disproportionately targeting conservative voices, but his critics claim he will allow 'hate to flourish'.

A recent e-mail scam asks PayPal customers to provide additional information or risk getting their account deleted because of changes in the service agreement. In case you beloved this information and you wish to receive details regarding Visa i implore you to stop by our own web site. Recipients are urged to click on a hyperlink that says "Get Verified!"

Beykpour, who founded Periscope, admitted on his account he had not wanted to go but was brutally ousted by CEO Parag Agrawal while he was on paternity leave so they could 'take the team in a new direction'.

Yearsley also says investors should run a rule over Lazard Thematic Inflation Opportunities, a recently launched fund that invests in companies which the managers think will thrive in an inflationary environment.