Eleanor Vaughn

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Eleanor Vaughn

Eleanor Vaughn

played by Amy Sirr

Eleanor Vaughn Overview
Birthday October 6, 1897
Born In: Hartford, CT
Occupation Biochemist
Hobbies Trap shooting, sewing, bicycling, singing
Code of Honor "Equality for all, seek truth."
Fears/Phobias Spiders


Eleanor Vaughn Timeline


Date Name Location How Connected
April 7, 1920 Herman Kiefer Hospital Detroit, MI Researcher


Name Relationship Location
Frederick Burnham Friend Traveling Together
Josiah Chasen Friend Traveling Together
Sidney Coleman Friend Traveling Together
Abby Friedrick Friend Traveling Together
Harriet James Patron Traveling Together
McClintok, Hubert and Florence Maternal Uncle and Aunt Ithaca, NY


Date Title Author Received Via
April 28, 1920 Letter From Hubert McClintock Hubert McClintock Postal System
April 30, 1920 Letter To Hubert McClintock Eleanor Vaughn Postal System