DJ DAVID HAMILTON Laments The Death Of The Band

From The Stars Are Right

In a colour shot, Meghan is shown looking poised in a sleek red trouser suit as she stands face on, looking at the camera, while Harry, in a suit and tie, stands at an angle, smiling and gently holding his wife's hand.

The images were posted on Harriman's social media accounts just two days after Buckingham Palace released a family portrait of Harry's father King Charles, brother Prince William, Kate and Queen Consort Camilla.

The event ended with members of the security team — now sporting flippers and, in another surreal note, aided by a member of another then-popular group The Wombles — trying to ferry the Rollers to safety while fishing girls out of the lake.

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Trump used Neil Young's Rocking in the Free World and Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA- both times the artists used lawyers to prevent a repeat performance. Queen were predictably enraged when We Are The Champions was used at the Republican Convention which resulted in Trump's nomination.

You just have to suck it up, to rise above the fact that the 'wrong' people (in your eyes) might play it as well as the politically correct left-leaning people, those whose community you want to be part of because it suits you and your wishy washy champagne socialist ideals.

An original, dice-throwing Dungeons & Dragons player back in the 1980s, Phillips says he shares his love of fantasy and science fiction with his own children and loves the fact that in today's geek-owned world it's more acceptable for girls to get in on the action and that being good at math is no longer a recipe for instant ridicule.

The proof is in the numbers. Google's new operating system will debut to the public this fall with more Material You personalizations, increased tools for privacy and security, more RCS messaging support, a revamped Google Wallet and better integrations with Chromebooks, watches, TVs, cars and smart home devices. At Google I/O, we got a fresh and detailed look at Android 13. The follow-up to Android 12 was first announced back in February and is currently in beta (here's how you can download it now). The new software makes Android and Google's vast software ecosystem more competitive with Apple's wide portfolio of software and services.

They say they are passionate about saving the planet, are fighting for equality and human rights and so on. These stars fly on private jets, own huge amounts of property- beach houses, chateaux, vineyards, ranches and farms, and all claim to be politically left wing.

Meanwhile the advent of The Beatles — who in 1963 I had introduced as the 'hot new band' at a show in Manchester and witnessed teenage girls storming the stage — ushered in two glorious decades producing a rich tapestry of bands and solo artists whose names are now etched in the musical hall of fame.

The couple stood in a special cordoned-off section of the venue on Wednesday night with ten other people whom they were seen speaking to, according to Harry and Meghan were reported to have been dancing and swaying to the music during the performance, with the Duke putting his arm around the Duchess's waist.

Phillips says that after Toad broke up and he had a hard time finding a record deal as a solo artist, he was forced to learn how to do things the DIY way, including putting up his own websites and using tools like Bandcamp for promotion, so when the idea of a Toad Kickstarter came along, it seemed like a good potential fit.

Winning acts were signed by Syco, the record company owned by Cowell, reflecting a landscape in which the myriad independent record companies that were once there to help spot and groom new talent have been replaced by an industry dominated by a few giants who want a quick hit — quite literally.

He suggested that record companies would never again encourage groups comprised of several talented individuals when they could have four profitable acts rather than one — and be spared the dramas of the inevitable tensions and fallouts that go hand in hand with any group.

She said she and her mother, Doria Ragland, shared a love of getting to know other cultures and would visit the spa, where swimming costumes were not permitted, for a bowl of noodles, sitting with women up to the age of 90 who were waiting for a body scrub.

Pharrell Williams went into meltdown after Trump played his hit Happy at a rally just hours after a shooting in Pittsburgh which resulted in 11 deaths. Rihanna has complained, calling the Republican Conventions 'tragic'.

It comes after new pictures of the Sussexes were revealed on Monday by Meghan's celebrity photographer friend Misan Harriman, showing the couple at the One Young World event in Manchester on September 6.

If you write a song and publish it, surely the whole world has the right to play it and listen to it- to like it or dislike it.
You have placed it out there for all to enjoy. Moaning about who plays your work seems pathetic and small minded anyway.